Mohawk RevWood Laminate Flooring

Exquisite Design. Environmentally Friendly. Robust Uniclic.

Mohawk Laminate Flooring offers not only stunning designs, but also environmentally responsible manufacturing. Mohawk's US facilities use only renewable and sustainable southern pine to produce their laminate cores, ensuring that the manufacturing process is eco-friendly. Additionally, an average of 74% pre-consumer content is used in US-made Mohawk laminate flooring, preventing 680 million pounds of materials from ending up in landfills each year. Moreover, Mohawk Laminate Flooring stands out in terms of affordability, ease of installation, and unique benefits compared to its competitors. And to top it all off, Mohawk offers an exceptional warranty, making it an excellent value.

Mohawk laminate flooring has been certified by NALFA and GreenGuard and meets the rigorous standards set by CARB2, making it one of the most reliable and environmentally-friendly options available from any laminate flooring manufacturer.

Revwood Laminate Flooring


RevWood is Laminate Flooring

The high-definition wood visual of RevWood is achieved by scanning hardwood flooring and printing it with precision. The exceptional durability of RevWood can be attributed to its dense HDF core material and melamine laminate overlay.

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RevWood Select, Revwood Plus and RevWood Premier have waterproof features

The RevWood Select, Plus, and Premier collections of Mohawk's laminate flooring utilize a unique combination of proprietary technologies to offer you complete waterproof protection. The RevWood waterproof technology is created by the Uniclic® joint system, GenuEdge® pressed bevel edge, and Hydroseal perimeter coating working together in harmony.

Through precision milling, the joints are crafted with extremely small tolerances, creating a remarkably secure joint that effectively blocks water from infiltrating from above. Furthermore, the GenuEdge pressed bevel edges contribute to the water resistance by allowing the laminate decor to roll over the edge and integrate with the Uniclic joint, adding an extra layer of protection. The perimeter surfaces are also coated with HydroSeal, which combines with the Uniclic and GenuEdge features to trap any liquid on the surface. Hydroseal is a hydrophobic coating applied specifically around the click profile's perimeter and serves as an essential part of the RevWood waterproof system. As a result, Revwood Plus and Revwood Premier are the first laminate flooring systems that can withstand wet and steam mopping and are equipped with All Pet Protection coverage, providing a warranty that encompasses all pets, accidents, and incidents at all times.


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Waterproof and Warranty Explained

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The primary aspect of making these laminate floors waterproof is to keep any liquid on the surface. To accomplish this, it is necessary to perform an additional step of sealing the perimeter with silicone to prevent liquids from seeping beneath the floors through the edges. RevWood Premier, Plus and Select are designed to resist everyday household spills from penetrating the top layer of the floor. However, during installation, when planks are cut, this protection is eliminated from the cut edges. Consequently, it is necessary to seal the perimeter with 100% silicone sealant to sustain the spill protection of RevWood. This ensures that moisture remains on top of the floor and away from the vulnerable cut edges. Alternatively, you may use the Waterproof Quarter Round which has an integrated bottom seal.

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RevWood Premier with Hyper-Realistic Signature Technology

The Signature Technology utilized by Mohawk captures the natural designs of various wood species with exceptional detail, thanks to its high definition micro-data. Unlike the low fidelity digital conversions that are commonly used in the flooring industry, this technology preserves the variety and detail of the natural features. Each plank is designed with up to 1,000 colors in every square inch, incorporating 64 layers of design data. This achieves a wood floor that is said to be "indistinguishable from natural hardwood" by Mohawk.


RevWood is easy to DIY thanks to Uniclic

In 1996, the flooring industry was revolutionized with the creation of UNICLIC technology. For the first time, a floor with a click system was milled directly into the core material of the planks. Since then, the patented UNICLIC locking system has established itself as the simplest, most reliable, and hassle-free method of putting together flooring without the need for nails or glue.

The UNICLIC locking system offers two ways of engaging the flooring panels: angling and snapping. This feature makes it one of the easiest locking mechanisms for DIY flooring installations.

Uniclic locking tongue and groove

RevWood Supports America

Our primary objective at OnFlooring is to promote and sell flooring products that are predominantly manufactured in the USA. We strongly believe in supporting American companies, workers, and the economy. Additionally, we want our customers to have peace of mind knowing that the flooring they purchase from us is safe and environmentally responsible. That is why Mohawk , the world's largest flooring manufacturer, is a trusted partner in fulfilling our commitment.