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Easy To Install

These WPC, SPC and Multi-Layer Composite Vinyl Floors are glueless and floating.They do not require glue or complicated tools. An excellent choice for Do-It-Yourself (DIY), you can rest assured that every Vinyl Flooring on our website is floating and glueless.

Vinyl Plank Has Evolved

These are not the vinyl floors you may remember from your childhood or teenage years! You know, that glossy fake looking sheet vinyl.  Today's glueless locking Vinyl Plank Floors and Vinyl Tiles are the culmination of various technological advances. They feature sophisticated textures. They have realistic designs that capture the essence of both wood and stone flooring. And some even feature painted micro-bevel edge styles for added realism.


Vinyl is great for high moisture or wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Luxury Vinyl has inherent resistance to water, and the fact that it is a very durable floor requiring very little maintenance, has made it a favorite of architects and specifiers in the hospitality, education and corporate commercial segments.


National Floor Trends  in it's June 2012 issue proclaimed Luxury Vinyl the fastest growing category in flooring. Today, Vinyl Plank, WPC and SPC is still the growing fast and the growth is accelerating with many new introductions in the rigid WPC, SPC and Multi-layer segments within the Vinyl category.